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Forever Winning! Up to $585 in Prizes! (CLOSED)

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I only managed to get game 5 :D but, this is actually fun challenge and the prize is also good.

Anyway, I recorded mine for 1 hour but still stuck at game 5. Soo, I think it's not impossible, but just need really luck to you. (the rest is easy actually)

Good luck!

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40 minutes ago, StoneDragon said:

What about people how dont have star and cant play crash

That's only for a bonus. If you can record yourself winning everything besides Crash you still win

25 minutes ago, concertrate said:

Wowzer! This is a really cool out of the box challenge! 


Playing this as a multi should also make it so much more fun.


For clarity @Steve what's the equivalent bets for $1c?

I don't want to put an amount because it changes so much but just at the time of your bet check the prices of the currency you're using

1 hour ago, powerup1 said:

I made 3 challenges, for the 4th, Keno ... I failed, it was hard for me
username : powerup1

thanks Stake



Well I'm glad you didn't go all the way because you have to start with Dice!

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