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Forever Winning! Up to $585 in Prizes! (CLOSED)

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1 hour ago, nikowin88 said:

If I remember well Steve said that if no one wins it he will get it done!  As there still no winner after 2 month I'd say we've found the upper limit of what s possible to achieve here! My best efforts made me go up to plinko but no way to get pass it, 

Good luck to the ppl still trying to achieve it! Regarding the difficulty of the task I would suggest to raise the prices a bit. Not as high as primedice jacpot but something in between 😉

Thats why the title of the giveaway is forever winning ahahaha. Theres no end to it

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On 7/15/2019 at 3:23 AM, Steve said:


I think I put more time into thinking about the prizes than the actual challenge lol with the amount of people who attempt it people will win. It's like when the Telegram challenge is 70k Limbo and someone wins in 2 seconds.


It has to be all in a row

I feel like you underestimated how hard this challenge would be Steve xD It isn’t just like the normal limbo telegram challenge, as it has taken 2.5 months for nobody to hit it yet xD 

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