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Username / Name Origin

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was looking for a username with 3 letters that is not in use in minecraft and i found the name "hqi" to be available.. i really enjoyed using that name, it's unique in a way actually. stuck with it to this day :) 

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Kuntzkoin - Kuntz is a mashup of my first name which is kelly and my last name which ends in **untz  and also my username everywhere used to be kgruntz which people  shortened to calling me kuntz for obvious reasons and i  just think that would be a hilarious name for a craptocurrency haha Kuntz Koin! also it reminds me of the name of a retro video game or maybe a shady laundromat haha

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On 11/15/2017 at 1:37 PM, remember said:

my real name is ta vu hoai son  . eassy to understand my name is " i was born near a mountain " so they decided to sign my name  " hoai son "  .  

hoai = remember  , son = mountain.  " remember bout this mountain"  . and my nick name on forum is  " remember " as i explain .   "Dont be late " is my stake name. i want to remind myself never come back hom, go to work or date,... late. :))) thats all. thank for reading  

you come from Vietnam bro =))

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Hey im gonna tell you how i got my Name: "Liquidwalker" 😼

on September 25, 2012 the Game World of Warcraft Pandaria came out,

with the new Race Goblin on Horde site! (i actually played wow for over 10years)

so i decided to make a Goblin Rogue with the Name: "Liquidwalker"! 

i wanted to name my Char something with Liquid cuz its sounds lit even if you play Metal Gear Solid! 

how i got that name in my mind Liquidwalker cuz as Rogue you have the ability called Sprint to run faster for few second and in combination

with a Glyph at that time in Pandara, you was able to run over Water aslong your Sprint Buff is up!  

thats how i combine Liquid + Walker = Liquidwalker 😹

since 2012 im using that Name on Steam, Gambling Site, Origin everywhere! ^^ 

my Nickname before was LTSpencer cuz my Nickname in Real Life is Spencer but i decided to change it to Liquidwalker for acting in the internet,

cuz i Love that Name :D 

and now im using that Nickname for over 8years ^^

my real name is Andrija 

and thats the Story about my Nickname 😉



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