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ūüöÄ Crash is here! Giveaway!

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Crash at Stake!





You surely know what Crash is by now but if you don't, it's the brand new first ever multiplayer game mode at Stake.com! 


It's time to play Crash with a friend

In this giveaway you and a friend are playing Crash together & winning together!


How to win

  • Form a team with someone by tagging them in a comment on this thread. They must respond by tagging you back for a team to be created.
  • Once you have your partner head over to Crash. Both of you must win 500x or higher in the same game!
  • One of you must post your Game ID on this thread. Choose one team member to¬†post the ID!


To find a Game ID you must click the multiplier at the top of the Crash game


To check the 500x Game ID in this example, simply click 500x


You will then see a screen like this. You can copy the game ID like a normal Bet ID and share it here.


A Game ID will look like this: CrashGame: 310d30d4-0d93-4a92-842e-c8435be91435


Prizes & Rules

  • Each team to successfully complete¬†this giveaway is winning¬†$10
  • You must have at least 25¬†post count to create/join a team
  • The minimum bet during the 500x win is¬†0.00000001 Dogecoin (just put anything but 0 it doesn't matter what)

This thread will be locked on July 22, 2019.

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