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🏆 [0.1 BTC] The Chosen One|Crash Challenge [TIER]

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Crash: 7348160774

I don't have the nerve for the big multipliers, but I LOVE consolation prizes, so THANK YOU @Bojana for that, it got me to play a lot of crash!

Thanks to @Irena for letting me know I can't link the bet right away.  Since I'm just going for the consolation prize I'm not going to bother with a screen shot, thank you again!

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I wanna thank everyone who participated so far :D Also, a special thanks to those who also posted the bet ID AND a screenshot, means a lot and makes our job easier when verifying the bets ;) 

Anyone who gets their bets archived in the meantime and cannot post the Bet ID as it is, feel free to use the tool Dan provided in this comment to extract your bet to the regular format: 

Good luck in being the Chosen One in the end! 🍀

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