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Very old bet I forgot to post :-)

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On 8/2/2019 at 3:35 PM, HighDamage said:

If I calculate the base bet 250 satoshi and you get a total of 0.7 btc then, the payout you get is 280000x (280kx) and I'm a little unsure of  xD because the maximum payout on keno is not that big. unless you put in a basebet of 25k satoshi and a total profit of 0.7 btc. it was extraordinary :) 

Haha, I was thinking the same thing and trying to figure out how many you would have to hit for 280,000x in Keno?  


19 hours ago, Paecga129 said:

No no.  It was base bet of 250,000 satoshi.    I will try to get the screen shot or ask live support to send me the bet.  

250,000 x 270x = .7

Hopefully you are able to get it somehow... would be great to see!  

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Congratulations on having felt a huge payout at stake. and why the ID bet can't be checked huh .. Is it possible because it's been a long time and the ID is missing so it's not found ... I would love to see the screenshot if there is.

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