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Litecoin Price to moon or down?


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Hello Friends good morning : hope all are earning good in crypto world yet, as everyone one Litecoin halving going on Monday . What 

Can we compare LTC's halving with BTC's halving.

AS we know BTC has unforgeable costliness. LTC has not.

So to say LTC's halving didn't bring a price increase, therefore

BTC's halving won't either or isn't a price driver, is inherently wrong.

Recently Long LTC trade got crowded heading into halving and sold off leading up to the event

is this real life? Lots of smart people talking. The major positive moves occur months before and also after the "halving" in what 100 percent of the instances...

so the fact that LTC hasn't gone back up mean nothing...give it time

What do you think about it ?

i am collecting LTC by the way_))

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Hmmmm there is a possibility but low. Litecoin have a great potential to market :) So when litecoin price will down, it`s a great opportunity to Holder :) I will buy Litecoin if it will go down and wait for the right moment to sell it :D Hahahahah trade is real :D 

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Well as soon as bitcoin starts dropping then yeah litecoin would come down but untill then litecoin gonna stay high till bitcoin keeps on rising more and more everyday hopefully doesn't drop. 

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Without looking at the chart, I would guess some of the halving enthusiasm will drop off and we'll see new support levels after everyone only in it for the halving hype has finished selling off. Should hold stable after that and what's more important is what BTC does, whether it goes up/down will set the tone for LTC price. Fiat-wise for what it's worth my guess is going down short term with support/resistance at rounder number breakpoints like $90 or $100.

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On 8/7/2019 at 12:42 PM, rerosalind said:

Luckily, I bought the LTC for $ 30 at the end of 2018. I am now making three times my interest. Maybe prices will rise further in the end of this year

There is more chance for growth end of the year. Right now what we've been experiencing is the downturn of Litecoin and no perfect bull trend have begun. This year the hope over Litecoin is based on its halving.

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