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Ever stored in a cold wallet ?


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So storing coins you all know this and do this basically just safely keeping your coins in a wallet. Some wallets are safe while some are very safe and some are too safe that if you do something you dont know then you could end up loosing your coins and such a wallet is a cold storage.

I have not used it yet because i heard that to store in a cold storage you must know the ins and outs of a normal bitcoin wallet which i dont know squat about. And i dont want to take such of a huge risk of loosing all my coins.

So have you guys ever stored coins in a cold storage or nah is it too risky for you ?

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Cold storage is imo not risky at all, it's just a wallet that hasn't been touched and gapped off from the internet, meaning even a hacker with full control of your systems will have problems accessing it. Hasn't been touched does not mean it cannot be touched or will never be, just that it's safer to have no contact with it. If you have some cash in your pocket and some under your mattress, the mattress is your cold wallet (and your pocket, metaphorically your hot wallet). You don't want all your cash in your pocket, or all under your mattress, that would be very unsafe and very troublesome, respectively.

It is still entirely possible to spend funds in a cold wallet 99.9999999% safely, using USB sticks or QR codes to "sign" the transaction while still keeping the machine completely offline. I do this for most of my transactions and even if my computer is completely 100% hacked, they can't get at my private keys. Hardware wallets I would also classify as cold-ish wallets as they aren't connected to the internet much, except to verify transactions, and even when they are they are designed for this one thing - to not leak out the keys.

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i have kept all my coins in cold wallet it not risky most safe place away from internet. on online wallet i kept a small amount which i can move from here to there and some with exchange for trading. till date every thing is fine so for me it safe to store all in cold wallet

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I have and I do. I have a PC with about $10k in doge on it that has never been on the internet, it's been online as in connected, but not on google chrome or any web browser. I transferred my wallet install files from my main PC with a flash drive and installed it that way. I also use a Ledger Nano to store BTC/etc on.

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On 5/8/2019 at 4:04, Kate said:

Entonces, al almacenar monedas, todos lo saben y lo hacen, básicamente, simplemente guardando sus monedas en una billetera. Algunas billeteras son seguras, mientras que otras son muy seguras y otras son demasiado seguras que si haces algo que no sabes, podrías terminar perdiendo tus monedas y esa billetera es un almacenamiento en frío.

Todavía no lo he usado porque escuché que para almacenar en un almacenamiento en frío debes conocer los entresijos de una billetera bitcoin normal de la que no sé nada. Y no quiero correr el riesgo de perder todas mis monedas.

¿Han guardado alguna vez monedas en una cámara frigorífica o no, es demasiado arriesgado para ustedes?

Buen comentario, voy a buscar información al respecto, mil gracias amigo por compartir 

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The bulk of your coins should always be kept in cold storage since all internet-connected devices are vulnerable in at least one way. Be it a web app like Blockchain or a desktop wallet like Bitcoin Core, there are vulnerabilities everywhere as long as you have internet access. 

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