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🏆 [1 BTC] Lucky7's Challenge! [Special]

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Lucky7's Challenge Special 
Ends: with the reach of the 7,777,777,777 bet

We all know that seven is considered one of the luckiest numbers. Have you ever wondered why it is so popular in the gambling world? When you pick any ordinary dice and sum opposite sides you will get seven. Also it is believed that when you shuffle a deck of cards seven times then cards in the deck will be fully randomised. 

To win this challenge, you must catch the 7,777,777,777 bet on any game whatsoever with a bet amount higher than 0. If you are that lucky a player, your profit (or loss) will be multiplied by 100x and rewarded to you as a win! Max win you can get is 1 BTC award or any other coin that we support in that value. So the higher the bet amount, the bigger the prize you could reach no matter if you win or lose. If the 7,777,777,777 bet does not fulfill one of the requirements, the next one in the row that does, will be awarded. Also, the first 100 posters on this topic will get 10k satoshi bonus at the end of the promotion. Please, do not try to enter with alts, this will be most strictly sanctioned.


  • Hit the 7,777,777,777 bet with any bet amount higher than 0.
  • Hidden bets must be disabled (for the 7,777,777,777 bet).
  • Capped payout for winning this challenge is 1 BTC or any other coin that we support in that value. (value accounted on the day of crediting).
  • Valid winner for 7,777,777,777 bet will be paid in the respective currency (currency in which the bet is made).
  • 1 valid entry per household. (for the forum posters).
  • Comment your Stake username below. (for the forum posters).
  • 10+ Post count on forum (for the forum posters).


*We will announce the winner on this topic once it occurs! Good luck everyone! 🍀

**Note: In the case that the 7,777,777,777 bet is not a valid entry, we will continue forward one bet at a time, until we have a valid winner!


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DICE: 7,777,777,778

placed by Dasya321 on 09/08/2019


0.00040000 eth.svg




0.00000408 eth.svg


Edited by Dasya321

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