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Do you know what today is?


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August 8th, 2019.

Or in other words, Stake's 2nd birthday! Today we're celebrating all day long with a birthday giveaway that has guaranteed prizes to anyone who enters!

Before we get this giveaway started I'd like to mention there's a $20,000 Mega Race this Saturday.


Guaranteed prizes to everyone who enters...

The following 6 emojis each represent a prize of $2, $3 or $5!

🎉   🎂   🥳   🍰   🎁   🎊

How to win

  • Post a comment with your most memorable moments at Stake over the past year, or even before that if you want. Was there a lucky win you always remember? A fun promotion or challenge? Or maybe your most memorable moments are with friends in the Stake community? Give them a tag if so!
  • Choose 1 emoji and include it in your post.


Now I know what you're all wondering... 

"How do we know which emoji to pick??"

Each emoji has been linked to a prize randomly. 

  • 3 emojis represent $2
  • 2 emojis represent $3
  • 1 emoji represents $5

Here is a sha256 hash containing information on which emoji is linked to each prize that I'll reveal at the end.




  • 1 win per person.
  • 35 post count minimum.
  • You have until this thread is locked to enter.
  • Multiple posts are prohibited but editing your post is okay.
  • Posting 2 or more different emojis automatically wins you the $2 prize.


Happy birthday Stake! 

Don't think too hard about which one to pick! 🥳

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My most memorable moment so far I think was last weekend's Mega Race.  I was able to finish in the high 20s position for the $50 bonus, but also made about 0.025btc profit during the race!  Happy Birthday Stake, and here is to many more birthdays to come!  🎊


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Today is stakes second birthday.....

Whaduhekkkk 2 years already....that means we celebrate this day woth bigg love and lovely 🎁   


My best moments are my 1bitcoin winnings on plinko 1000x....


I wish the stake team and all other players a lovely day....


With kind of regards chipito

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My most memorable moment was when i won a Telegram Challenge 2 days in a row and totally i got 0.4 ETH , that was memorable because the challenge is pretty hard but i don't know maybe a lot of lucks come to me. and since the day that i won that 0.4 ETH i keep betting till my balance is 1.5 ETH :D . its my best memorable in Stake.

Happy Birthday to Stake ! 🎂

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Happy Birthday, Stake! 🎊 ( <-Totally may have chosen this symbol because it slightly resembles boobs. Lmfao. :P )
I would have to say that my  most memorable times at Stake has definitely been interacting with other members and the staff.
Stake has a really great community and an awesome staff.
Some other cool things to happen would be:
- Winning one of the Daily Telegram Challenges.
- Winning $60 in ETH not too long ago.
- Actually placing in one of the Daily Races. (Although I was in 42nd lol)

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🎉 С праздником, Дорогой Стакан!!! Самое ле лучшее, что я вспоминаю - это конечно же крупный выигрыш!!! Но так же я встретил тут немало хороших людей, с кем очень сдружился, а то уже не купить деньгами!!!

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