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Do you know what today is?


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The most memorable thing that happened during my stay here in stake is when I first joined this amazing site and managed to get a multiplier of 100x on mines. After this, I just can't get enough of this. 

Another thing is that I was able to meet friends while playing.


Happy birthday stake  🎂

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Ofc I know today is Thursday. Lol joking. Today is stake Birthday. Happy Birthday stake . There has too many  best memories because every time with stake are being best memories  for me even losing too much can learn for not to do next time.  Best memories recently is doing crash giveaway was really good for me . I don’t dare to play crash normally because I’m so scared. I can play crash now because of stake . Thank you stake for being with us.  🥳 

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First of All Happy Birthday Stake .... Its has been a good successful 2 years of milestone for stake ...

The biggest win I've ever seen on Stake was by @petahaser who won 10 btc on plinko when he hit a 1000x ... he gave like 0.002 btc rains to the people in chat and I was one of those lucky catchers ....

And I would like to thank Stake coz I made a lot of good friends here like @samthepike @iamunlucky @sunnyjanu @charlielng54 and many more .... 

I love you all 

Screenshot (621).png

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6 hours ago, Steve said:

August 8th, 2019.

Or in other words, Stake's 2nd birthday! Today we're celebrating all day long with a birthday giveaway that has guaranteed prizes to anyone who enters!

Before we get this giveaway started I'd like to mention there's a $20,000 Mega Race this Saturday.


Guaranteed prizes to everyone who enters...

The following 6 emojis each represent a prize of $2, $3 or $5!

🎉   🎂   🥳   🍰   🎁   🎊

How to win

  • Post a comment with your most memorable moments at Stake over the past year, or even before that if you want. Was there a lucky win you always remember? A fun promotion or challenge? Or maybe your most memorable moments are with friends in the Stake community? Give them a tag if so!
  • Choose 1 emoji and include it in your post.


Now I know what you're all wondering... 

"How do we know which emoji to pick??"

Each emoji has been linked to a prize randomly. 

  • 3 emojis represent $2
  • 2 emojis represent $3
  • 1 emoji represents $5

Here is a sha256 hash containing information on which emoji is linked to each prize that I'll reveal at the end.




  • 1 win per person.
  • 35 post count minimum.
  • You have until this thread is locked to enter.
  • Multiple posts are prohibited but editing your post is okay.
  • Posting 2 or more different emojis automatically wins you the $2 prize.


Happy birthday Stake! 

Don't think too hard about which one to pick! 🥳

Happy 2nd Birthday Stake...long life and always be the best 🎂

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Hello all,

my most memorable stake memory was actually yesterday. I was with 4 friends in a discord call, and one of them had just got a 4m deposit @OrangeMelon @PurpleAngel @Aazzah, and orange had gone 800k for his first bet. He was going for a 10x on 3 mines, but ended up on 5 mines without realizing and went for it.  He actually ended up hitting it, and it was a 66x and made 5 eth. From this, he built up and send all 4 of us, and me orange and aazzah all made around 22 eth in total with all three of us combined, and it was really fun! That is my most memorable memory, I hope everyone has a great stake birthday. 🍰

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