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I believe many players will be interested in having more detailed statistical data on their current accounts - preferably broken down into individual games/currencies, like a more elaborate version of our current statistics wheel. 

One feature that I’ve missed in particular from other places is the “luck” feature, that helps me gauge the current state of my winning/losing streaks!

A shared Leaderboards for every game would be highly appreciated as well (players can choose to have this hidden) with data taken from our statistics - Biggest Win, Highest Luck/Multiplier, Most Profit etc.

Are there any plans to implement these in future? 


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14 hours ago, williamshennie9 said:

Yeah, they used to show the stats per game, but they decided to remove that for some reason. Now you can only see the stats overall. It would be nice to bring back the stats that were previously available.

Okay so I thought I was hallucinating as I don't specifically recall all-too-clearly if there was ever such a feature.

In the back of my mind, there are faint memories of a few situations that got me checking my game stats  to see P/L!

It's such a useful feature... and it just disappeared one day. 


With the bet archive that I've tried downloading, it's certainly possible to import into Excel and get your stats from there but that's too much data that I have to sort... gave me a headache when I viewed it for the first time hahaha.

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I agree, having some more statistical data would be very helpful. Now that you mention it I also notice that we don't see luck anymore on this site or individual game stats. Hopefully they'll reincorporate it into future updates. Would be helpful to see which games I just truly suck at so I stop making the mistake of playing them again XD

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