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I'm not really a miner myself (except for Burstcoin and probably soon Electroneum) but I just found the Minerboard project : https://minerboard.com/

Release of minerboard is scheduled for winter of 2018

It could eventually interest some of you so i'm sharing this in advance but stay conscious that I didn't dig too much, so made your own research if you wanna be involve with them.


They created a unique mining software that is easy to apply for the lambda user and can bring mining activities to the whole new level due to their large experience in the field (they managed large scale mining pools).

The software will run on any OS, provide some analytics, and will allow you to choose mining pool, algorithm, mining equipment, and cryptocurrencies that you are willing to mine. You can add your wallet and pick frequency and prefered amounts of your regular pay-outs.


Minerboard is distributed to private miners for free, and has a paid PRO version with comprehensive extended functionality aimed at managing large-scale mining operations.

You can apply to be part of a close trial period via this form : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf3CCBYb-u0rhWu62m8vJZTRkAvpzn9BET0rSJYjsCBkd9c9g/viewform

Link of the website ; https://minerboard.com/

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7 hours ago, kurian said:

I have used minergate and electroneum miner but it makes my pc very hot so i quit doing it... may be i should upgrade my pc..

That's usually why mining is not that interesting that people believe. More your computer work hard (CPU/GPU) more you consume electricity and more you'll kill your components quickly. Add the electricity cost and you'll see quickly that Minergate & co are not interesting for the few pennies you can gain at the end of the month.

I'm in optic fiber 1Gs download and 200Mbps upload and even for me it's not interesting.

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hi! this is interesting, see one of my friends told me a principle about bit coins and crypto currency, there's something he called mining, it is the level where you go deeper and attract more bit coins in a row, he shared a technique, one unique technique. And i want to share it. 

so here it is...

see, its not just the software you use, you can even get more if you modify your hardware, my friend uses a 4 gig video card and was able to attract lot and lots of satushi/satoshi. and he traveled to thai to his uncle and the internet there was fast, there he was able to earn 15,000 PHP in two weeks or approximately 12 days. To convert  that into USD that is almost $50, more or less. 

the other thing is of course about the internet, i dont know if any of you knows about this already and i'm late into discussion, but anyways, i just wanted to share.

so try modifying your hardware and be in somewhere with fast internet


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