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Have you ever play while having sex?

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5555 i think most of stoker here are ever so let share your sexperience while play and what game that you make it the best when you getting laid with your partner .

for me I'm a virgin guy and single  Do you believe me? but u alway imagine that if i getting laid and betting in the same time Plinko is very awesome that splash the ball if it can shake control and the balls  will easy to fall in to the corner hole and i will hit the center hole . so i just think for fun but still virgin and last years i think i said like this to my friend and they told me that how you count the virgin it very easy  busted is game over when i make a new deposit is mean i'm start new game so i count when i deposit is virgin again 55. so i need to know about sexperience from another that what game that you like while you getting laid with your partner and is it enjoy together or  only you enjoy the game but your partner enjoy the mobile .

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