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Which type of altcoin investor are you ?


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So investing in altcoins is a good income way to get money from it altcoin investors are of two types one is who invest just for the pump and drop and other one is who believes in the coin and looks for long term growth profit. So from these both which one are you ?.

Well for me i am the one with long term growth profit because pumps and dumps are a bit risky in my mind i believe so thats why i never try to do so since one main risk is if you arent present during the pump you loose ya money.

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There are some altcoins are listed in my balance. They are grs, oax, xlm, eth, doge, knc, mana, mln, ae, bat. These coins are already listed in my balances. I have invested already 3 btc on them but now I am in losses. But I never fear. I love crypto and I know the fundamental knowledge about crypto. It will recover soon hope so.

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I am more optimistic like of altcoin investor because we all know there's a lot of coin out there made by diffent country and companies and we all know also that they starts at the low value price point in the market. So i am looking forward to the  possibility that one of the altcoin will become like bitcoin in the future.

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I consider myself to second type of investors. I invest only in those projects which are really can be useful for world in the future and I always analyze carefully all projects whose tokens I`m going to buy. Cryptocurrencies like everything can be good and bad and investors should differ them 

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I got in in the fall of 2017 and got to take part in the bullrun of late 2017 early 2018. Got too greedy, didn't sell and ended up with a ton of bags. Starting to recover now, and i'm more of a holder than trader. I'm trying to expand into trading by trying to more actively look for setups, but its often hard to pull the trigger

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