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What phone do you own?

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Hi all dear users on forum! :D 


My phone model is Samsung Galaxy Tab A6!


If anyone is interested in the parameters, please my info here!


LTE Cat.4

255.4mm (10.1") WUXGA (1920x1200) TFT LCD
1.6 GHz Octa Core Processor
Full HD (1080p) Playback & Full HD(1080p) Recording
8.0MP AF + 2.0MP Camera

7.300mAh Battery
System Android
Disk 16 GB


I use TAB for the rest of my life, I don't like a small phone. I love TAB than small phone or normal.


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I usually play on a computer, but occasionally I also use my HUAWEI P10. Sometimes I leave a tablet on all night to get some profit.

Previously I had a SONY XPERIA Z, I wish I had that same cell phone but with a better camera and better processor for this time. I love the shape of the Sony S.W phone. And without forgetting that Sony has the best optics for mobile cameras

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I am running with samsung galaxy too, and I have another Iphone, it is old but I do keep there the google authenticator feature for my wallets and sites.  For some reason has been easy to me to keep that feature there and not to change to other phone.  Also, the Samsung has some dApp wallets for some shitcoins.  I don´t us Stake in phones, only desk and personal computer.  

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12 hours ago, Thepug said:

I just wanted to know what phone you all use.

Is it your favourite phone or you just can't afford an upgrade yet?

I personally have the iPhone XR Black Model 64 GB. :D 

Hello thepug,

The phone I have is an iPhone 7 plus 64 GB ram. And is the only device which I used to play games and gambling. I don't want to upgrade or change it because on this phone I save all information and I don't know why I don't want to get a new one. 

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I owned a lot of different brand like everyone. Start with the good old iPhone 3GS lol. 

Then a lot of Samsung Galaxy S1, S2 and S3. 

Now I own a Xiaomi mi8 lite. This phone is amazing. And the price. .. So low for such specs. 

I had a Xiaomi when it first came to international but it wasn't as handy as now. Some translation lacked so I had part of parameters in Chinese lol ( it was a Mi2) 

But now the phone is really amazing. I would never buy a Samsung anymore that sure for same specs as a Xiaomi it cost x4 or x5 lol

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