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Big multipliers - AFK or Manual?

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Hey guys,

So I think some of us have problems with hunting big multipliers on crash, because if you aim for around 1k x and it already goes up to 100 you feel like you should cash out, but it goes up to your aimed for multiplier?

How many of us have this problem and would you prefer watching it go up and holding yourself back from cashing out or do you like to leave it AFK so you don't even need to hold yourself back?

Let me know.

Kind regards,


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I tend to chase big multipliers while I'm afk. Usually ends alright sometimes I end up ripping because I'm not paying attention and don't take recovery bets.

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I actually do like to afk for big multipliers especially for games like crash because I tend to not think it will actually go that high and see what I could cash out now then of course it goes higher I have had it happen more times then Id like to admit. As long as you don't care to lose your balance afk is your best bet.

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