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[ICO] FREE 20 Bitcoin Growth (NCL)

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What is Bitcoin Growth Bot?

Bitcoin Growth Bot is a next generation open-source platform to gain trust and authority creating the first lending program
with a real transparent volatility trading bot with Nucleus (NCL) ecosystem


What is Nucleus (NCL)?
Nucleus (NCL) is a self-managing peer-to-peer financial system built on Waves an open-source blockchain platform. Nucleus (NCL) is an electronic currency similar to Bitcoin in that it is a store of value.

Why Bitcoin Growth Bot?
Lending programs are leading the way in the explosion of market capitalization the cryptocurrency sector is experiencing and Bitcoin Growth Bot has the first real trading bot making it the perfect lending model for the future where transparency is everything.


Symbol: NCL
Name: Nucleus (NCL)
Token: Custom Application Tokens (CATs)
Blockchain Platform: Waves
Decimal places: 8
Total supply: 24,000,000




Read more:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2430121.0

Whitepaper :https://www.bitcoingrowthbot.io/BitcoinGrowthBotTokenSaleWhitepaper.pdf

The free offer is limited

GET (20 NCL Bitcoin Growth)

Sign up  (ref link)






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Seems like a really interesting project, I honestly enjoyed reading their whitepaper, I'm impressed on what this project can do. It's always nice to have a project that offers a lending program and what's great about this project's lending program is that you can actually gain daily interest, daily, so with this project you got nothing to lose so I'm in! I also got attracted with the fact that when you invest you can get your capital back when your investment term gets completed so you get your money back plus daily interest, that's a really good deal. I just signed up using your ref link, just a thank you for sharing this project. 



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