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Coinpayments-CPS COIN -VELAS (VLX)

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Well, at first, coinpayments was giving away 100 CPS COIN in a launch campaign which was worth almost $ 10 of its price and well I claimed it but it is useless and now it is just offering to exchange CPS COIN to a new coin called candles (vlx) and to change you need to verify your account with documents which I already did and now I made the exchange to CANDLES (VLX)

Will that serve anything?

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I also got cps coin in coinpayments wallet as bonus. But I noticed that the coin is not listed into any exchanges and unable to send any where. Moreover I couldn't exchange it into anmy other coins on coinpayment platform. Still it is in pending and I think It won't be sell any more. So I gave away the hope of CPS coin and I am not using the wallet any more.

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I never participated so never knew the worth of those useless coins.

The thing is nothing is free in this world, that airdrop or you can call joining bonus was meant to be a trap. Now they have revealed it and many for the sake of earning $10 will pass the KYC test and fall under the surveillance list.

For $10 I will never submit my KYC documents.

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