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Stake Tournament.?

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Stake always have a great promo... as always ;) , team creative with support aka boss @Edward always carry about this comunity. Just give our ideas for anything can make this community will be satisfied, it would be happen. ;) 

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Things like this would be fun, if you won a giveaway to enter it. I feel like it wouldn't be like stake to make people pay to enter something like this.

Perhaps, what they could do is make a forum post, let people enter by posting this, then use a random number generator to pick a certain amount of people.

These people would then compete to see who completes the challenge first e.g. The dice game where the person to hit a certain number of their choice, and they hit it get to advance to the next section. The first person to post their game mode ID in the challenges chat would then win. Each round, they would have to stick with their chosen number until one person wins. 

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