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Best bet amount?

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when playing blackjack my best bet is only 20k sath. but I only found defeat. and basically the card game is not good for me. even in real world gambling.
it seems like this card game is not for me, even with the lowest possible bet, I will still lose until all my money runs out. if I ever win in playing cards at stake, then stake is the first time for 43 years of my age in this world that gives me a big win. but it seems like it's just a dream

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For 200k would play with 5k bet. Yes! It's not just a suggestion, I bet that way. 1000 satoshis for a 2x pay spend an eternity to make some profit. Starting at 5k would be an ideal value.

It is a more consistent bet in terms of value. Below that does not lead anyone anywhere. Not to mention that losing a low betting sequence is very difficult to recover in the same way.

Good luck stakers!!! ;) 

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Well BlackJack really pays low and it's highest payout is 2.50x so I think like @Enzo you have to play with higher base bets so you can make profits easier :P Because playing for a long time and trying to get big profits will just end up busting or make crazy bets using martingale strategy :P Hmm everything you need is a big bankroll so you can make big profits, it all depends on your bankroll...

About your bankroll you said max 200k satoshi I would just bet 5k-20k so I can make good profits in BlackJack but in my opinion with that bankroll I would play keno or some other games where I can get higher payouts with such small base bets and double my balance or get crazy hits xD

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well, i guess the best betting amout always depends on the base balance.

some ppl like to play risky with allin bets or 1/2 - 1/4 of the balance, and some ppl like to play more bets with smaller basebets.

when im playing bj (what doesnt happen much) then i prefer the big basebet way

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