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Do you Shave downstairs

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Yeah. It's a great way to keep yourself clean. Hair leads to transpiration and transpiration to bad smells. I don't like to smell bad and not because it isn't nice for others to be around me and notice that I smell bad, but because I don't feel good in my skin if I know that I'm dirty and I smell bad. So, 30 minutes every week to shave in the intimate zones isn't a hard thing. One more reason to shave me is that, if I want a girl to be shaved, I have to be shaved too. It's simple. If I can't shave (because of any reason) I surely will shower every day :D

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1 hour ago, 77kdub said:

well of course I do doesn't everybody?  :D



Prove it please, just to make sure and to keep the integrity of the respectable post. Just for scientific and / or educational purposes only of course. O_O 

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