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Which tokens should I invest in this 2020?

ariana william

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The cryptocurrency world has seen several ups and downs, and there are definitely additional to come back. This can be truly an Great time to take a position in tokens and coins before costs rise too high. 


I have chosen the altcoins below as a result of i feel every project has tremendous potential to achieve success. Each coin or token below is extremely cheap right away.


Bitcoin : Bitcoin or as we know as BTC is the best widely used cryptocurrency to date. This is often referred to as the king of cryptocurrency, and its main purpose is to act as global, peer-to-peer digital money. To cap it all, Bitcoin is still the best cryptocurrency to invest in today, if not the best, I would not recommend anyone investing in cryptocurrency without first investing in Bitcoin.


Virgo token : The https://virgo.fund/   , is the new decentralized and transparent global payment gateway for Business Payments and Online service. Utilizing Virgo Token proprietary VRO token micropayment token, Virgo Token cuts out the middlemen who currently receive most of the value.



Ethereum : ETH is the first major project to introduce smart contracts, which allows developers to launch decentralized cellular and desktop applications (dApps) on the blockchain. It’s an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality.


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On 8/30/2019 at 4:58 PM, Danifilth said:

Accordingly, you need to invest with the altcoin that has fallen the most at the moment, for example dogесoin as a good option!

I really need to stop busting my portfolios! lol. I had 15k TRX this weekend. . didn't last as long as I thought it would. >.>

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lol smart way to promote another shit token that promises to be the new payment way and delete the middle man. so many coins already tried and to be honest the only token I will invest in in the future will have to be a genuine and unique business model behind it. I am really fed up with all this projects that all try to do the same like many other tokens already did in the past

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At this particular moment I would say nothing but Bitcoin....starting now.  2020 will be the Bitcoin year due many many projects that will create mass adoption are for about to be released, so the true power of Bitcoin is for about to come.  Take a look right now what is the BTC dominance, very close to 71% and if you take a look in the BTC price you will notice that, despite the roller coaster, the price is going up.  But I understand your question as I am a shit holder.... Forget all what I type here, get ETH, XLM, LTC and HT as major coins, and talking about shit coins I would go with ALGO, XMX, UUU.... my opinion.  Good luck.

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21 hours ago, Crypto Exchange said:

In business there is always rise and fall. So you don't need to be worried about it. 

in business yes but cryptos are not business . cryptos are currencies but you can invest on them or use them on your own business  . the rise and fall on the price on cryptos are normal due to thier volatile nature but does not mean that all cryptos can rise and fall normally  , we still need to be picky because other cryptos can fall and cant recover anymore   . 

@ op , thanks for your suggestion . i agree on some coins that you recomend but i never heard of virgo coin  . i think i will stick on the establish cryptos for now just be safe  .

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I don't heard about that token before. I don't think investing in those type of token is a good idea. And I don't suggest anyone to invest in token. It's funny why we should invest in token as there is not any surety will it come up good or not. Already we have a lot of crypto coin around. Btc is the king for always. But for making much profit by investing we need to observe market and invest in any good crypto. I like doge xrp ltc as good for depo. Maybe you can try to invest in other coin. 

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On 9/4/2019 at 4:55 AM, Crypto Exchange said:

Honestly not. I didn't hear about this token yet. But you can invest if you want. I will suggest you to read company white paper before investing. And also research about company reputation and feedback. All the best!

There are so many different alcoins in which you can invest your capital. But I do not have free cash. Therefore, for now, I will invest in a more stylish crypto such as Bitcoin, ether, Lite, etc.

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