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VP strat that has been working for me

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Howdy folks!  I wanted to share a strat that has been working well for me the last week or so.  It may not work for everyone, but I have had good luck 4x and 5x my starting balance with it.  I will start with my base bet at 1% of my starting balance and then if I get 3 reds in a row I 4x my bet so a win recovers the 3 reds plus some.  If the 4th bet is red I will 2x my bet every game until a win.  I suppose it is kind of like a Martingale but it's not quite.  It is very rare to get more than 5 or 6 reds in VP from my experience since it is fairly easy to get at least 2 pair or higher every 5 to 6 bets or more...

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maybe this strategy is worth trying, it's a strategy to play video poker like playing Martingale, but the profit can be unexpected, like when we get 4 of kinds. Thank you for sharing your strategy

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