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Stable pettern or recently change, which is better to hit?

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Hello guys,
How did you hunts big multiplier on keno? Stable pettern and stable risk is better or changing risk and pettern better for you guys? 
As for me I was changing recently risk and pettern during hunts big on plinko, it's seems really good to me these days. But sometimes when rage out I was going to busted. 
So, let me hear about you guys, How did you play keno for hit big?

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Hard to say. Sometimes ot works not to change the patterns and sometimes when I change often I get many hits. I do change patterns every 20 - 30 bets in 80% of the time unless I get really good hits then I continue to play with that pattern until it doesn't give me even 3 hits then I change the pattern

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I take the random button and each hit I redo a random all along or I touch a big multiplier or else there's the 3 digit but hey I'm not a fan of this method can redistribute apart if you touch it in very little time between each bet

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