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Recovering with classisc risk.

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Hello everyone,
Did you guys trying to recover with keno (classic risk) ? Which pettern Did you used?
As for me When I need to recover some during playing keno . I was change risk to classic (9 or 10 pettern) and stating to bet some huge. Sometimes it pretty work to me. I got not only recover but also got profit. But when I was greedy sometimes It's going to bust me.
So, That's strategy prettty work if not greedy I think. 
If you guys have some good strategy for recovering with keno, let me hear please.
thanks alot.

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I once played keno with classic risk but it's the same in my opinion when we're unlucky instead there isn't a positive thing in classic risk it's better to play on the medium only because more profit when we get the right tiles also in keno compared to classic risk betting our base will not grow the same as we use medium risk in keno so I prefer medium risk to classic risk when playing keno

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I played a lot of keno, including the classic one, but I realized that it works poorly, that is, it’s an analogue of plinko, the statistics are slowly and surely going down, therefore I play at medium settings

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I think pattern doesnt matter at all but I like some patters which are nice visually like this

KENO: 8,844,126,596

placed by kevinsantos on 12/09/2019


0.00000300 btc.svg




0.00018600 btc.svg


I am sometimes pretty lucky on high and I think sometimes to bet a lot on high is the only way for me to make some profit 

but it depends, sometimes i am lucky sometimes i am not but anyways 

I play just for fun I cannot live from those cents I spend here and thats all free money

i have never deposited yet and still enjoing this

good luck to all ;) 

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