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How Can We Help?

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I am not dumb and I am aware that this is not the proper section to do this post but I want to caught attention from all our community to what's happening all over the world and, the most important, I want to hear from you guys what you really think about it.

The purpose of my topic is to make all of you think about whats happening around us and think "how can I help?" The response is not always that simple but before talking about this lets give a look at the latest "natural disasters" that did hit us like a (heavy) hammer only in the past 6 months:


  • Amazon is burning
  • Hurricanes at Bahamas, USA and China
  • Floods at India, Nepal and South Africa
  • Earthquakes at Greece, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Peru
  • Cyclones at Comoros, Mozambique and Tanzania


Are these "natural disasters" really "natural"? Or it is all a result of what we, humanity, have been doing in the past centuries?

Money, money and money. That's what moves humanity. Am I wrong?

The men seems not to have limit to their greediness and day after day they want more. They destroy their own house (our planet) just to have more. But what for? Can't they think that the future generations will have no world to live if the actual generation keeps like this? Why are all these men building empires if their own childrens will have no chance to enjoy it?

At March the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) released the balance of the impacts of floods, hurricanes and severe droughts in 2018. Extremes of the climate hit 62 million people and displaced more than 2 million worldwide last year.

According to the WMO, since 1998, at least 4.5 billion people in the world have already been affected in some way by climate extremes.

Hurricane Florence and Michael were two of the fourteen most expensive disasters of 2018 in the United States. They caused about $ 49 billion in damage and more than 100 deaths. Super Typhoon Mangkhut affected more than 2.4 million people and killed at least 134 people, mostly in the Philippines.

More than 1,600 deaths have been linked to intense heat waves and wildfires in Europe, Japan and the USA, where record economic losses of nearly $ 24 billion have been reported in the US. The Indian state of Kerala has been hit by the worst rainfall and worst flooding in nearly a century.

And the most recent, the burning in the Amazon.

Despite the government's ban on burning in the Amazon, outbreaks of fire continue to occur. On the first day of September there was a record of 980 focus in the region.
In August, the number of fire outbreaks was almost three times higher than last year. There were 30901 focus until the 31st of August. A high of 196%.

So again my question.. what for? Money, money and more money.



But what we can do to help to save our planet?

A good start would be to start to look at our own actions. Stop using plastic bags, stop littering the streets, help plant (and care for) trees, protect endangered animals and so on.

That may not sound enough (and surely that is not) but if everyone would do a little part we would be able to make the Earth great again.


Last but not least, I have been donating to WWF to help to save the endangered species for such a long time and now I would like to invite everyone from our community to vote for WWF's Emergency Fund for the Amazon in the next Choose a Charity from Stake and Primedice (and social medias). Please vote as much as you can.


And for those that can donate directly I would be really thankful for helping us to protect our planet. Doesn't matter how much you can donate, every donation counts.




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I am already self aware about everything that is going on in the planet, but the main way that this is going to stop, is if the big companies take action. 

Airlines are one of the main causes of pollution. You could say that you can recycle and stop throwing items away, but even if we do this, the planet is still going to be destroyed. Airlines need to create a more energy efficient source of travel and they need to stop thinking of profits. Research and development in to this is where they need to spend their money, not for the greedy owners to buy another mansion or luxury items.

Also, countries like China need to do something about their pollution levels. As I said before, recycling your items is negligible when compared to the obscene pollution. that a multitude of factories in China produce daily. The country is in an absolute shambles and people have to walk around the street wearing face masks, in order not to inhale the toxic fumes.

If major companies don’t do something to reduce the impact of global warming, our small choices will have next to no effect.

All that being said though, each of us can do something to change all of this. If you know a business that has high carbon emission levels, REFUSE to buy anything from them! If we all do this, they will be forced to create a more energy efficient production process. We are the ones that buy the items and we are the ones with the purchasing power.

My goal one day is so set up a research and development business, that specialises in economic friendly options for businesses. Whether that will be installing solar panels, introducing energy efficient production lines or a creating a more economically friendly product, this will be my goal in life.

So many people care about money, as you said. Money is just an illusion and if we don’t do anything to save our planet, it will be worthless in the future.

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The only thing that made me sad in your post @Thepug was to read about "solar panels".. believe me or not here in my city the solar panels started to became popular then the damn electric company started to charge these people for using these solar panels.. they appealed and were denied by the judge because yeah, now the electric companies own the solar heat so yeah, it makes sense for us to pay them these high fees.. nowadays its 3 to 4x more expensive to use solar panels than not to use it.

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10 hours ago, sheenazbay said:

Trees are an important part of the ecosystem. Instead of cutting down trees, planting more trees can help keep the earth green.

Try to plant trees every time you get a chance. Only you can save the planet.

Sadly most all the population is a bit too lazy to plant a tree thats why I always help NGOs that help to protect wild life (such as WWF) because these animals will do it whenever they eat a fruit and then "poop" its seeds.. these seeds will grow and become a new tree. Obviously not every tree have its fruits but at least a big part of them do and it is always better than nothing.

So for those that can't donate for NGOs at least try to vote for them when they are added to our "Choose a Charity".. its all in your hands!

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