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Fastest way to make your balance 10x or more than that.

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for me Limbo is make me having a 5x of my money, setting my payout in 3x and bet from small amount and if I lose, I double my first bet until I win, sometimes when you have a big bet then it rolls in 3 or above I win a lot then rest for 10 mins and play again. that's what I am doing right now and it is effective for me.

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On 9/9/2019 at 12:49 PM, cukup2 said:

for me to be able to quickly double the balance to keep playing Hillo manually, we can get the payout we want with some carefulness in choosing high or low cards. to play in other games, I still can't be as fast in Hillo because it's still very difficult to guess.

seems to be true ... playing hilo is very fast in terms of gaining profits ... and also doubling the balance .. it's just hard to guess which cards will appear afterwards ...

if it's easy, then I think people will play hilo swcara overall ... precisely because it's difficult so many avoid this game ... because sometimes it is difficult to guess an ace in 4x in a row is very difficult ... 😅😅

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On 9/8/2019 at 7:10 AM, htetaungxx said:

Hello guys,
How you guys think to which way is fastest to make your balance 10x or more than that?
As for me, I will go 5mines or 8mines and bet with manual and cashout in 2x and no more 10x over. Than I go dice to make double my balance, and the I go keno at last to get huge profit. But that's strategy is too much risk for me. Oftenly I got busted when I bet in keno.
So, let me hear your's strategy for fast to make profit. 

i ahv eno idea, maybe play dice or limbo 10x, haahha that is the only way to win and make 10x of your balance.

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