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Has forum traffic decreased?

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Anyone else feel like traffic on the forum has decreased by a lot? I myself am not innocent I stopped coming to the forum for awhile only because I got busy and couldn't make time to get there.

Anyways, I feel like since the rewards were decreased a lot of players just up and left the forum. I think that's kinda ridiculous but it's to be expected there are greedy people who only posted for the rewards.

I think the rewards need to be increased but I also think they make a lot of sense decreasing them because there for awhile the forum was so busy everyday, always new topics. Always new users, it was kinda ridiculous and I couldn't keep up/find old topics because there were so many new ones.

Let me know what you guys think!

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Yes, I agree with Dan.  Many many topics where you can find almost everything you are looking for, specially about all related to betting.  We most not forget about the lack of interest on people when we talk about reading, but the fact that this forum has many interesting topics makes users to be active.  If you dive enough in the forum you will find very good stuff.  Keep posting pals !  Good luck. 

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There is no doubt in my mind that traffic has declined.  However, I expect the quality of the remaining traffic is better than before.  It would be interesting to see, but from casual observations it appears to me that most of the heavy posters are still heavy users, but the number of newbies has declined.

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Yes the taffic has decreased quite a lot but the quality did not get lower I think.

I hated reading rants everytime with the same contents. Winning some then losing all in the end.

Anyway, a lot of people tht quit gambling before resorted to forums but now are gone altogether since its not that profitable enough for them anymore. so maybe they're gone and the traffic seemed lesser than before? haha


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I think logically and with common sense ...
I was looking for something in the forum ... something valuable ... which certainly wasn't a reward or a number of satoshi in the forum ...
I am looking for valuable information that I can use in a bet that I will do every day on stake.com, because I am an active gambler on stake .com ...

jiak discusses the reward given by the admin stake to the gamblers who are active in the forum ... it depends on how good and useful the information is given or posted by the gambler here, in this stake forum ... because, if things which he said was useful, then automatically it could be used by other members in the hunt for gambling provided by steka.com ...

on the contrary, if the things posted are just small talk and not useful, what for the reward given to them ..

this is STAKE.COM ... this is an international class gambling site ... not a fake gambling site .. here classy gamblers bet and spend lots of money ... win too with lots of money ... so, if you are aware of it, .. I hope the admin stake.com gives rewards to those who provide useful information in our beloved forum .. :)

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The main reason why the forum used to boom was because of the pay per post system. Them shutting it down is arguably for the good and for the worse.

Main positives were that it brought people to the site and created that customer loyalty and appreciation. The increased traffic would come up in online search results and bring even more people to the site.

I think that a main reason why they removed it all though was due to spam and multi accounts.

Me personally, I think that there are good arguments for both sides, but there has definitely been a huge decrease in forum activity because of this. Being completely honest, I don't think that removing it was a good move for them as it isn't really active here anymore for casual chats and the only people spamming are those that need the minimum 10 post count for the Eddie stream giveaway. I think that it should be at least 100, and hopefully that does become the case in the future.

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