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Could BTC hit $50k this year?


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hello all friends its true last few months BTc price moved through hurdles,but its also a good sign within a small different slot.so many predictor worked for prediction the price of btc where to goes.hope first phase of next year it boost up to 15k then rise frequently up to next benchmark.we just wait for that moment. 

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I personally don’t think the value would increase so drastically (more than 2x the ATH) in such a short space of time unless something major, major, majorly positive has changed for BTC.

The ATH of $20,000 was in ~ Dec ‘17 and I don’t think we have truly recovered from that event yet. 

However, if one day BTC really does break the barrier of $20,000, be sure to expect the price to moon and for everyone else to be in a state of frenzy. 

Don’t get caught holding the bags!

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Today in the expert community you can find two completely opposite points of view on the future of BTC. Some people believe that a drop in the price of Bitcoin is a natural phenomenon, they believe in a rapid recovery of the market and the growth of Bitcoin to 100 thousand dollars and even more. Others are confident that the cryptocurrency era has reached a logical end

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Huh too high that's impossible, just based your speculations on past years value price. End of  2017 bitcoin gone as far as $20000. In 2018 dropped down to $3,500 and in 2019 it was $10000. on the average i can say it will reached by end of 2020 up to $11000 to $12000.  i am not good analyst  but in business, they do it like that. let's just see if our speculations this year  a realistic.  

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