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Highest multi in keno

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I was playing keno and I had only 100 attemps or so and I hit to 9 of 10 numbers, I was very surprised, that was a little bet, but was great

Sorry for the Quality, is my first topic here xD


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Lol Danilove, what a nice multiplier you got!  My biggest multiplier in Keno High with a pretty small bet was 63x time ago.  I am a true KEno fan, everyday I find time to play Keno for a while during my gambling session.  Keno and Video Poker are games were you can find me.  Keno has been pretty good to me, many green hits helped me to increase my balance and although I am not a big amount gambler I have been getting profits from there once in a while.  Nice hit and good luck. 

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4 minutes ago, pfodo said:

800x is easy bro

KENO: 8,493,553,892

placed by pfodo on 02/09/2019


5.34400000 doge.svg




4269.85600000 doge.svg


nice hit and pattern pfodo just need 1 more tiles for get 1000x 😅.

grats for achievement keno 8x your'so lucky man 🤑🥂cheerss

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This is an insane multiplier to hit, although you were very unlucky to only get a 0.1xrp win as the best could have been 0.1xrp itself and you would have won a crazy amount, congrats tho!

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