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📢 Official Launch!

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Stake is officially live!

All aspects are open including affiliate. Go ahead and spread the world. 

To get a better idea of the ideology behind Stake, here's a snippet from our mission statement:


Stake sets out to create a new gaming experience to be enjoyed by all. We do not disregard players based on wealth or knowledge, we hope to create an evenly distributed gaming network for everyone to participate in.

We enter an industry full of lies and manipulation. An industry full of smoke and full of mirrors. We aim to tear these perceptions down and bring transparency and light to the almost blind sector of blinded industry.

Traditional online casinos will lure you in through deceptive deposit bonuses, unfair or rigged software, manipulative marketing techniques and straight up lies ridden throughout their terms & conditions. We feel this is simply daylight robbery.

- Stake only hosts 100% provably fair games
 - Stake offers full transparency into not only all our games but every single bet
 - Stake only offers no strings attached bonuses
 - Stake does not market lies & deceptions
 - Stake does not prey on people’s pockets

We like to go off the idea that everything must be shown & not told. That’s why we bring in aspects such as live chat & live bet feeds. We have live bet verification and constant feedback from our users displayed to all users constantly. We don’t want to hide behind smoke, there are no mirrors.

Stake brings transparency, fairness & light back into the dark gambling world. Help us make this prophecy a reality through supporting us, whether it be by spreading the word or simply helping verify bets, talk in the chat, or have a punt!

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Good luck at all the Stake's team !

I will share the link to my friends today too. Hope some of them will join us ;)

Keep up the hard work, can't wait to see where the site will be in a couple of months or so !

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finally official launch.

Good luck stake team, this is purely your teamwork, i hope in the future you will add more and more fun games, and now its time to bring players using 


thanks a lot for building a single platform for all games.

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Congratulations you guys! Well done! Looking forward for more awesome updates!! still loving the site since the soft launch :]

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