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Is it worth it to begin mining now?

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I'm a new membre of the crypto-currency community! So I don't really know that much but I find it so interesting that I'm reading all the articles/watching all the videos I can since a week or two.

So I was wondering, with everything that I've already read, is it worth it to begin mining (Bitcoin or else) now in late 2019? Or are all the mining spots already taken? And how do you really begin to mine, where do you get started etc..

I'm sorry if I sound a bit newbie but it literally is what I am haha!

Thanks for your replies guys! :)

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The answer to this will most of the time be no.

However, it doesn't hurt to find out more about Mining since we are dabbling in the Cryptocurrency sector after all. 

If I'm not wrong, some Alt-coins (especially the more obscure ones) are still relatively easy to mine. Whether it is worth your time, I'll let you decide on that. 

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you cant mine enough to even pay the electricity bill xD 
the only way to profit from mining is if you invest a lot to mine 
and it still gonna take months or years to mine enough to be on profit from this invest 
maybe if you mine some cheap alt coins that you think are gonna go up after time i dunno 
but mining btc is hell to the naw naw naw 

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it depends on coin that you mined.

if you talk about BTC, XMR, ETH. in my opinion not worth time and effort. in order to profit, you need to stack those coin and hope the price will go up. so much better just buy that coin and hold it.


but always there is new coin that you can mining. new coin almost give big chance to profit, even in short time. 

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