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Huge bet, low risk or small bet hight risk which is better?

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Hello everyone,
How do you guys set risk and bet amount while playing keno. Hight risk and big bet amount or hunt big multipler with small bet amount Which one is better ?
I like to play sometimes big bet with medium or low and goes hights risk like that. 
Let me hear about you guys. thanks.

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I like high bitamiunt play on keno with low risk because this strategy you increase your balance very fast within small time

If you play low bit amount for big payout then you need so much time and patience maybe you hit big multiplayer some bits and maybe you need so much bits for hit big multiplayer

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I am pretty good at keno and all I can say that there is no great pattern or strategy to use, I used to win a lot on with a lot of strategies 

but now I have to change it sometimes because for some weird cause few times some strategy like high risk 10 tiles worked for me really good and I profited nice

but than it just started to rip me a lot so I changed to classic and 9 or 10 tiles and it just started to profit me again 

maybe soon I will have to change it again but for now this works for me

Even at the old days I used to hit some x259 on 4 tiles hight risk , it hit all but if I would do it again now, I wouldnt hit it even in 100000 tries :D

anways good luck and play responsible ;) 

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nothing from these, i would like to go for high bet high risk only for keno not for any other game, low bet high risk is useless at keno, we have better games for that dice and limbo.

keno is best for high amount for high risk when ever you get hit reward will be cool, and then just leave this game and play something else, because at keno its very hard to get back to back nice multipliers.

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