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Betting in 1 sentence.

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Hey guys,

I have wondered, what is betting in 1 sentence, what do you feel it's like or what do you feel it has to be like, tell me what you think about betting in a sentence.

My sentence would have to be: I bet for fun, to run from the reality and find other friends here.

Let me know,


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In a sentence, hmmmm, interesting....

It maybe ;

betting is the process of the transfership of ownership of title of hard work by a person from the person to a casino without any logical reason but due to purely psychological reason which ironically the person chooses.

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On 9/19/2019 at 2:37 PM, j240 said:

Hello there brother! , i have the exact same sentence as you! To run from reality and be a kid that i didnt experience years ago,

Goodluck man love you!

indeed sometimes the feeling of being tense and wanting to escape from reality often envelops the mind of a gambler ...
you should entertain yourself with a variety of entertainment that soothes the mind and reassure.... :)

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