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Hello Again Stake Forum Community
Are you watching Anime when you were childhood and what is your Favorite Anime.?
when I was young my favorite Anime is Hunter x Hunter and until now I watch this Anime again and again
I also read this Anime on mangarock.com I always waiting a new episode but the author stop create new episode.
Yoshihiro Togashi is the author of this Anime  and discontinue writing Hunter X Hunter for the past couple of years because acute pain in his back.
How about you guys what is your favorite Anime?

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I only used to watch Anime when I was a kid and read some Mangas till my early teens, My favorite was One Piece. I just love the universe they created and the camaraderie they have in the story. 

Now that I am talking about it I might pick it back up, been a while.

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my fave anime that i can remember is pokemon ! i used to come home after kindergarten when it first started out and loving every moment ^_^  . i watched other animes as a teen but this one is special to many of us !

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