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Bankroll Size vs. Risk of Ruin

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Greetings all Video Poker fanatics!

I was randomly browsing WizardofOdds the other day and stumbled across this table with information that might prove to be essential.

We can refer to the following details for a better idea on how the size of a player's bankroll has major effect on the risk of ruin (busting): 


After going through the numbers in the rectangular box, the sheer amounts of betting units required had me perplexed. 

This basically indicates a 50% chance of busting even if we had 1,000 bets!

The % of risk only decreases to an acceptable range at 7,256 bets - giving a corresponding 1% chance/risk to bust.

Will this knowledge change your way of playing VP in future? 🤔

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Hey there man ,

pretty nice analysis :) 

hmm i am not sure exactly what I should that from this but it is preetty nice to know :)

so this kinda means that I should bet with balance / 7256 that I won't bust ? :D

this is pretty unpossible to play like this in my opinion :D

but at least I know there is something like this 

thank you very much for your work ;) 

good luck to everybody 

and dont forget to play responsible ;) 

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