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Most frustrating no. of tiles?

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With Keno, the variance between players can be as different as heaven and hell.

I’m sure many Stakers have their favourite patterns + no. of tiles, the one they can rely on (or so they think) when everything else is just drawing blanks. 

For my periods of frustration, I go with an 8-tile setup on either the 2nd or 4th row - which coincidentally, fails less often than the other options. 

What is your comfort tile-choice during a bad run? 

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I use to play 10 tiles on high risk with low bets like 1 / 400 or 1 / 200 my balance and on auto instant and pray for the luck

I use to choose some visually atractive patters (for example simetric) with my fav numbers like 12, 3 or 7 but fo example I dont like "straight lines" like full row or full column

but I think this doesnt matter at all :D or at least should not matter :d 

good luck man in your next games ;) 

and dont forget to play responsible ;) 

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I play keno mostly 6 tiles with high risky and this strategy few time give me good results just within few bets I hit some good multiplayer but mostly I lose my balance this strategy but I play always this strategy .

So many times I play keno but not I hit big multiplayer my big multiplayer on keno 90x

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