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Limbo Strategies?

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The seeds have patterns. This occurred over two days. I ended up losing it all deviating and drinking alcohol. Although this sample may be interesting to someone. 


3 possible outcomes. under 2x, 2x+, and anomaly(25x+)

seeds tend to have patterns and a positive variance of greens seems to precede an anomaly, and large red streaks follow anomaly's. 

If you are dead spinning and notice a sufficient pattern, bet up to 10-15 times but no more (don't chase!)

If you see an anomaly then the 100x opportunity has passed (I.E 89.16x or 90x appear) This is when I typically change the seed.


4 spins.PNG



burn spins.PNG


cant see.PNG

hit it.PNG



same page.PNG


smelled it.PNG

when you know.PNG




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2 hours ago, Skaberlaberhey said:

Someone taught me before: 1.37x, reset if win, 300% if loss. Starting bet depends on your Bank roll. Good luck! ❤️

Can only lose so many times in a row with a 300% increase on a loss. But this it is fun to look at!

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2 minutes ago, Skaberlaberhey said:

Lower your Base Bet, maybe that's the cause of panic attacks. Might as well use auto stop when reaching certain loss. 

I only have a very small amount of balance which i'm not attached too. It's pretty entertaining, but i certainly agree with you. Safer is better.

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