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When will keno getting hunger your balance?

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Hello everyone.
Usually keno give us many profit than other games. But sometimes keno is too much hunger for our balance. Do you guys know why keno getting hunger too much?
As for me, usually keno nearly to hit 5 number of my tiles it's getting too much hunger . It's happend oftenly when I play keno. If I can't control my rage I was going to busted.
How's about you guys. When will keno hunger to you ? Let me hear please.

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Hey man ,

I think this is just the luck and everything is random, Keno paid me really nice a lot but a lot of times 

but also a lot of a times I have lost a lot 

but I am not sure if it is something different from any other games

I have won and also lost on a lot of different keno strategies, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 tiles or low, classic, high risk

everything might work but also bust a lot :/

anyways good luck man and play responsible ;) 

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I not play befor so much keno game just few days I try this game and try to hit some big and 2 day before I just play 10 to 15 rolls and I hit 350x multiplayer.

I think if we play some cool mind then got some good results with this game

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