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Please add the Vault Lock.

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Hey the person reading this topic,

Are you tired of busting your funds you could have holded in your vault but you withdrew them right away and also want the vault lock not to bust your things?

I want the vault lock so I could securily have my funds in my vault without any fears of me busting, I want the vault lock to have a slider of certain amounts of times to be locked for, such as 30 minutes - 3 months.

Thanks for reading this, let me know what you think about it.


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Hi SLF... o/
I will forward your idea further, and who knows we might see it active one day! :D But I see one small negative side of locking it for longer periods, in case price of the selected coin drastically drops, it would be really tricky seeing it trapped there, with no chances of getting it back out of the vault. :D
Also, I'll move this topic to Suggestions section. ;) 

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I don't agree with this idea because why we transfer balance on vault because some time during game we take some risk and if we lose balance then withdraw to vault and play again I not wait 1 minute and I don't think anybody wait 

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