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How many free spins you've got?


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Whats the biggest amount of free spins you got on stake? 
 for me its just 30 free spins
and i am trying to get 60 but i just cant 
once i got 30 free spins and then after they ended i got more 15 on next roll but that dosnt count xD 
whats the biggest amount of free spins you got ? 

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The maximum I have ever got is 60 as well, just like wngo123^ and a few other people, out of the majority that plays slots. I have seen 30 more frequently and even 45 once in a while. 

But here are the highest odds of even hitting a bonus round and then to increase the bonus to 30, 45, 60 and so on, according to my calculations (feel free to argue xD).

Odds of hitting a 15 Bonus Round - 
Odds of hitting a 30 Bonus Round - 
Odds of hitting a 45 Bonus Round - 
Odds of hitting a 60 Bonus Round - , and so onnn with very very low chances. 

Hope you don't play to try and only for bonus rounds, let alone 45 to 60 bonus rounds. It is really rare and you may just end up busting since the house edge is comparatively high. 

Hope I helped in some way! :) 

Edit: Need to edit 😛 





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On 11/12/2019 at 11:26 PM, meggiemegs said:

So far the highest amount of free spins I got at once was 60.  The only thing I regret is not having a bigger bet but you would never see that coming anyways.  I think I got close to a 400x off that win if I remember correctly :)

Same here, I wonder if there is any chance to get even more free spins and if there is any limit 😮

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Hey there,

In my experience with slots so far, The most free spins I have ever received was 45. so it re-triggered twice. And the payout i got was horrendous for the amount of spins i got.... I think the multiplier wass literally like a 40x I know it is still decent but it isn't really if im being honest with you. To say i had 45 spins and not once i got a multiplier over 10... it was kinda ridiculous. but thats besides the point. 45 free spins at most here! 

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