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Sometimes I like to wear a pink tutu and..

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pf hahha
mate i would wear anything that pink 
i ll wear it outside
no matter if its for women or man i simply dont give a f 

i remember once friends said man you dont have the balls to put this thing on you and walk with it all day 
 it was a women short pants with like skirt or something like that cant rly explain it  and i was like pff gimme this shit
and i was wearing it all day long people on the street lol at me 
one dude screamed gaaaaaaaay and then my friends be like hahahaha niki is gay ( we was like 9-10 grade ) 
then we went in the subway :OO the look of the old people eyes 

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You probably won't believe me but I actually love pink color, so it's not awkward to wear something pink whether tutu or a hoodie or a shirt. A short time ago my girlfriend got a hoodie which she found on a women's fashion store. And she ordered a very big size and didn't want to wear it. So one evening we went walking and everyone was looking at me like: "are you a gay" even though I was with my girlfriend, lol) But I don't care, so I still wear it. Nice quality and warm, so why not?) By the way found here https://www.lilylulufashion.com/puff-sleeves the hoodie.

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