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Depression and gambling together

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I used to have such a state that I didn’t want anything, I was always in a good mood and I loved to play in the casino, I was mostly lucky and won, but this time everything went completely wrong as I expected ..

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Although many people do different things to get over their depression, I believe gambling should not be one of them. Gambling itself has been known to cause depression when one loses huge amount of money  so it's only a disaster when one combines gambling with depression.

Besides, when one is depressed, one is bound to make irrational decisions which spell doom for one. 

If one is depressed, one should see a therapist and not focus on gambling

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A recent study has found that people with a gambling problem were twice as likely to be depressed and 18 times more likely to experience severe psychological distress than people without a gambling problem.

Further to this, the connection between mood and gambling is not always one-way and being depressed may push someone towards gambling in the first place.

For example, feeling depressed, down or alone can place people at risk of developing or increasing their gambling problem:

-People may use gambling as a break or escape from negative feelings or situations
-Gambling may provide a 'pick me up' or a sense of feeling connected to other people.

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