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Bitcoin price again up 12k USD next week

Ali saher

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The price zoomed on the Chinese president coming out in favor of blockchain:

Of course he said "blockchain" not "Bitcoin" but the markets have been excited ever since.  However, I doubt we'll get more news this good in the near future so this may be it for awhile.  No way to know of course!

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1 hour ago, Ali saher said:

Hey friends,

Last night bitcoin price again up 7.5k to 9.5k USD in my opinion bitcoin price again go up 12k plus in one week maybe after crossing 12k USD price again go down I watch bitcoin price last 2years and I see the price go up next week,

What you think,

I don't think so BTC price goes moon again. Maybe crossed 12k USD but when pass this year BTC dropped more than 50% . I really don't trust in btc. But wishing to be moon :P .

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Yes , you are right . The way the price of bitcoin pumped to $9.5k a day ago made me realize that Bitcoin will soon cross $10k . When it reached $7k , I thought the Bitcoin would touch $3k soon but now I have exactly the opposite thought.

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1 hour ago, irfan123123 said:

Btc is now on 8550$ last night it's break the 8500$ and now let's wait for next acheivment of btc to 9000$ if it crossed then it will crossed 12000$ soon. 

we still haven’t caught the bottom and soon there will be 6000 or 7000 then I advise you to be ready, and then we’ll go to do the multiplication when we get to 12000 and 20,000 are very close at hand.

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