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[FINISHED] 🎂​​​​​​​ Happy Birthday, Dinabot!!!


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🎂  CryptoGamblersPub is turning 1 year old on 1st November!  🎂

To celebrate that, we are going to live stream on 1st Nov. Join us, to listen for full story, how CryptoGamblersPub was born and how our first year looked like  :)


Of cource, we prepaired some giveaways for you, guys :) 

Reply to this topic with a question to us. We will answer to picked questions during stream and split prize pool between users, who's questions were picked.

* prize pool is common for both Stake and Primedice topics.


More suprizes in stream, see you in Twitch on 1st Nov, 7pm gmt+0!

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Happy birthday Dina !


My question - 


How was it when you first started the service? What was the community reaction to the idea? And how you gain peoples trust and finally succesful with Dinabot. 😁😁


Username is ALYEM for both Stake and PD anw :)

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