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Hi lo and Mine calculator

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i know a site that would help us alot .

there have hilo calculator and mine calculator . just find out lately that pretty helpfully 

let check it out all

Hi lo Calc



mine calc


and some other calculator thing very interesting...like

odd calc



many many

let check it out guy


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48 minutes ago, sheenazbay said:

this is really important info in my opinion. thank you for sharing information on this matter, of course this is very useful for all players, Once again, thank you @hanvee. good luck for you

Ur welcome i hope u win something nice from this calculator then show us about it

3 hours ago, sugam said:

oh nice nice thanks mate



4 hours ago, Wildmonkeylv said:

Wow never would of imsgine that 5 in a row is 200k x :o

Ehh check the 8 tie number it more crazy than that alot hahaa

5 hours ago, wyj1306 said:

Thanks friend because I really did not know that there was this hilo calculator and it helps a lot, and I play this game a lot so it facilitates a lot, the mines I use on another site.

Actually i can count it by myself but i know u guy need it alot especially mine game


6 hours ago, nuuuitsjdragon said:

It's only good that this website gets shared with all players often, as it has articles that educate on bankroll management etc.

Other than the calculators, be sure to browse through the rest of the information... could help you in your very next session! 🤑

Yah very helpfully 

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I just found out that there is news like this. because so far I only bet using my belief alone, I think this information is very valuable, can be used as a comparison glass when going to bet, or at least to help predict a little in the game.
  Thank you for providing this very valuable information

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I didn’t know that a Hilo calculator existed before this post, but thank you for it, and it will be interesting to see what possible combinations can do to the multiplier.

Secondly, I think that people have always been aware of a mines multiplier. Even though you posted it here, many telegram users have seen it before, since Dose posts the link of the site xD

I even have an excel document of every single mines multiplier that it possible. I’m keeping it to myself for now, but maybe one day I’ll share it if people ask :) 

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When I started playing mines I was always curious to find out about payouts, as the site here did not provide us with this information.
After someone shared the link to this calculator via chat, I started using it frequently and I never had any difficulty with these calculations. This makes it much easier to bet.

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