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My Biggest Payout at Mines :)


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On 11/5/2019 at 12:14 AM, arri09 said:

MINES: 11,047,386,050

placed by arri09 on 05/11/2019


0.00000002 btc.svg




0.00404507 btc.svg



Congrats very nice multiplayer I like this game and I play mostly this game but I not get like this multiplayer any time ,

Can you tell me after how much rolls you get this multiplayer and if I want hunt like this multiplayer then which strategy I use

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well this is really awesome hit man, you are lucky enough to get this at mines, i dont know anyone except faris got hit like that.

my luck is worst at mines, i always got bust and i think maybe 10x at mines is my biggest multiplier lol i know its really low thats because i dont play much at this game.

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On 11/14/2019 at 2:00 AM, arri09 said:

1 month roll for x200,000 everytime eddie rain btc i roll it in different pattern, when i hit it i only have 0.00002btc rain from my moderator, i remember there is 900-800 left before i hit that.

So you keep roling with the same seed also not reset the pair to 0 until you hit ? Dang, 1 month roll, that is a long wait but it's worth i guess, because you only play from the rain.

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I'll be happy with even 100x at mines which for me is hard to get. It's easier for me to get high multipliers at other games like dice than mines. Anyway, you guys are lucky getting those wins, congratulations.

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