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What do you do with your withdrawn bitcoin?

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Your best investment would be still in btc even if u invest in any other altcoins So no use just keep it like that and try winning small games on stake like betting 2k or 1k. I would do is withdraw hodl for a few weeks till it hits 20k sell half of them. Also instead of sending transactions with Bitcoin i prefer dogecoin So just a money saving tip ;) 

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On 4.12.2017 at 8:48 PM, Snike said:

Since I am currently muted for another 4 hours I have some time to spare on the forum... xD

I just recently hit 0.01 (didnt withdraw but who cares) and I was wondering what I could do with that after I withdraw... My main thoughts were

-Redeposit it to a sports betting site (I am curious to try it)

-Cash it out to fiat

-Just hold it and see where btc goes


What would you do with a 0.01 withdraw? Please post legit thoughts not like "All in on 11x dice"...

I am ready to talk about your guys'/girls' thoughts!

Well... its not thaaaaat much. I'm more the collecter type. I just collect it and from time to time I buy something or just order pizza :'D.

In general I'm collecting now for a new macbook. Its about time.

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