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Do you think Smoking Weed Helps?

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lol tell us why u dont smoke i can answer for those people 
cuz weed aint good for you xD 
btw i smoke yeah but i dont smoke so often and when i do i smoke cuz i wanna get high not cuz something else 
if something else i would pop medic 

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Haha lol this is going to draw some funny comments. It helps me as I am zoned in and tuned in at the moment and concentration seems to come much easier. However sometimes it can be to easy and causes me to wander off. Overall I like the effects and how it makes me play. Good topic!

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25 minutes ago, Vusal said:

Smoking is unhealthy. So many say. Smoking even leads to schizefronia.

i hate when people who smoke weed say its good for u blah blah u know all the shit they say xD 
but it aint good at all 
i smoke from time to time as well but it aint good for u 
true its better then cigarettes cuz weed dosnt have so much shit in it but it still aint good xD 

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