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Do you think Smoking Weed Helps?


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25 minutes ago, Vusal said:

Smoking is unhealthy. So many say. Smoking even leads to schizefronia.

i hate when people who smoke weed say its good for u blah blah u know all the shit they say xD 
but it aint good at all 
i smoke from time to time as well but it aint good for u 
true its better then cigarettes cuz weed dosnt have so much shit in it but it still aint good xD 

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On 11/7/2019 at 11:47 AM, Vusal said:

Smoking is unhealthy. So many say. Smoking even leads to schizefronia.

From what I understand smoking weed could potentially trigger schizophrenia in young people, partly because the brain has yet to fully develop.  You need to understand though that the vast majority of schizophrenia cases are hereditary, and unavoidable. But yes, weed MIGHT accelerate the symptoms. 

Like I say though, I don't fully understand it all. I'm just passing on a tid bit info that is beamed across the galaxy into my head by the "The Glarn". I have been given their gift "The Glarn's" knowledge and power. Everything is in place for their arrival. Don't be afraid, "The Glarn" have assured me that their intentions are to help all human kind.

I'm so excited! Your gonna love them, I promise. I wish I could tell you all about them and what's in store for us, but I have to get of the computer now. My nurse will be here any minute with my "meds". Hahaha, how stupid do they think I am?  It's poison! They thought I didn't know, but I've known the whole time they are trying to destroy my connection. They are soooo afraid of "The Glarn" and are doing anything they can to prevent their arrival.

The evil that they posses has been their strength. That evil has caused our species to stay stuck, always being reminded that our prehistoric savagery still lives inside us,  And it always will as long as they  can keep reminding us. "Once all of these evil dishonest devils are sent back to hell we will be free to evolve and transform. Eventually "The Glarn" will realize that we are worthy of their guidence and support.

Honestly though, I'm really excited because I heard 'The Glarn" have the best weed in the entire galaxy. I hope I am deemed worthy enough to hit one of those joints.


Chat later.



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For my personal idea, i think it help only if you are smoking 1-2 times a week but once it became a day by day habit for me it starts blocking me from reaching anything because you become so lazy and unmotivated so i think weed helps only if you smoke after you complete what you are trying to reach .
I don't know if this seems accurate for you but am sure you feel it if you are smoking on a day by day routine.
"For every  bit of fun that weed gives you, it takes away so much more"

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I used to smoke weed a lot. As you said, it is great at relieving stress and anxiety. I also used it to better concentrate on what I was doing (it helped me a lot to be more collected and get the job done faster). Often after another day at work, I used it just to relax. Since I don't like to drink alcohol, marijuana is an excellent remedy for me. But over time, I began to notice that my addiction began to appear. I decided to quit smoking, but I didn't want to give up marijuana. On the advice of https://www.myherbology.com/pennsylvania/altoona/ , I started using marijuana pills. As strange as it may sound, but this is a real medicine. They work very well against stress and also work as a pain reliever. They do not harm the liver as much as regular pills from the pharmacy, so I switched to them.

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Well I used to smoke weed and cigarette. 

First thing I do like to say is : gambling and weed or drugs has never worked for. Not helping at all. 

Second thing I'd like to say is ok weed is bad but alcohol is very very much worse. 

Third thing is : now I stopped smoking everything. Cigarette and weed.  I start vaping. And I feel a lot better. And I have started to vaporize weed making it unharmful. No more combustion means no more harm at all. 

Now I enjoy vaping weed once in a while bc everyday use has no fun. But getting high once in a while is a great feeling. And once again it's unharmful. 


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Im smoking half of my life now since im 15/16 years old. As a child i made a lot of trouble and been very antisocial until i started smoking weed. I started to be ineterested in nearly any topic and tried to learn as much different things as possible.

Now with 32 doctors diagnose ADHS which explains a lot of my behaviour when i was a child. So yes for me it is helpful but i already see the other side and negative effects comin with it.


But most important no one can say if it can help you with your problems and it can make it worse instead of helping you. 

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